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    December 17, 2021 2 min read

    The follow up lie, if you get past “But, I don’t have money,” is “I can’t, because…”

    That’s where we throw as many excuses at our Dream in an attempt to stay comfortable, safe.

    I can’t, because I don’t have time.

    I can’t, because “they” will think I’m stupid.

    I can’t, because who am I to have this dream?

    I can’t, because if they only knew my past.

    I can’t, because what if I fail?

    I can’t, because there’s no one that could help me and I’d be alone.

    I can’t, because they couldn’t possibly be looking for someone like me.

    The lies overwhelm like a flood. Then anxiety rears up and all the unanswered questions that you can’t control find excuse after excuse to keep you from using your gifts and talents and living out the Dream that’s been placed inside you.

    So I’ll say it again, comfortable and safe are your enemy. That’s not what you were created for. I also need you to hear your past is not your today. Your past mistakes do not disqualify your Dream. You are allowed to Dream, with freedom and boldness.

    You are worthy. 👑

    Our producer, Princeton, says all the time “people suffer when WE don’t operate in our gifts.” Our family, friends, our neighbors, the countless lives we will never impact and change because we stuff down and hide our purpose from those that need them most in the easy, safe words “I can’t, because…”

    Release your gifts and talents. Memphis needs them more than ever. 💥

    If your Dream has been to open a retail services storefront in Downtown Memphis we want you to know, while your Dream probably feels overwhelming, even impossible, that’s because your “I can’t, because” is you feel alone. But we want you to know there is an entire army of people that is growing every day, people that believe in Memphis Dreamers’ whose names they don’t even know, yet, but who believe in you so much they are considering leaving their daily grind in order to come alongside you and operate in their gifts and talents to build up your Dream. Those people are going to spend the next few months preparing to equip your Dream, from idea, to creation, to branding, to e-commerce, to fulfillment to setting up your business for long-term success.

    Do not listen to the lies.

    You are not alone. You were created for this purpose. You were created for this moment. Everything you require to succeed is already in you.

    It’s in your DNA. 🧬

    So take a massive leap of faith and tell us your big Dream at dreamersrevival.tv by December 31st.

    Supporters of friends and family with small business Dreams, tag and encourage your people to chase their Dream. Your voice speaking life into their Dream may be the catalyst that helps impact their entire legacy. This is that important. Your words of encouragement and love are powerful and life changing. Give that gift away freely.

    There is tremendous power in a community that builds-out and builds up the Dreams of our neighbors and friends.

    Do not fear, Memphis! 〽️💙🔥

    Ashley & Daryl
    Ashley & Daryl

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