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    December 20, 2021 3 min read

    You are the Doers of the Never Been DoneTo the 13 Dreamers’ whose name we don’t even know yet…

    We want you to know this: You are our big Dream.

    We’ve been been dreaming of you and the impact you are going to have on this city and this world for four years.

    So ignore the lie that’s been whispering in your ear and keeping you from submitting, the one that says “no one believes in you.” Hear it again: that voice is a liar.

    We believed in you back when we were struggling with the very same lie that said the very same thing to us, “no one believes in you.” Or it would say “you are alone, they’ll think you are crazy, who do you even think you are, and if they knew who you really were, what you’ve done, the mistakes you’ve made.” And then the lists of all your mistakes and failures begins.

    They are all a lie. All of them.

    If we had believed that same voice and quit back then, given into the crushing weight of those words or past failures that are actually false accusations, we would not even be having this conversation today. What you feel now, today, is impossible, but will prove itself possible and bigger than you ever imagined if you will press into it anyway.

    We are just waiting for your submission, both to the casting call, but more importantly, you finally submitting to your Dream.

    Because, even though we don’t know your name, or even what all your Dreams are, we’d bet somewhere along the way you felt like a misfit, an outcast, lost, a failure, unworthy, were the black sheep, the broken one, the eccentric one, the troublemaker, the head in the clouds Dreamer. Maybe you couldn’t sit still in class, or had a teacher in a subject that you love so much that it burns deep in your spirit, and that teacher told you that you would never amount to anything in that area of your gifting, and it stung you so bad that those words kept you from ever, ever trying again.

    Does any of that sound familiar?

    Maybe they whisper about you things like “she’s always got a million ideas but that’s it, none of them ever happen” but you keep having ideas and somehow that must mean something is wrong with you, and so you chose to believe you were somehow broken because of it, even though the Dream that burns inside of you just… will… not… stop.

    Maybe you have this dream that seems impossible, and when you looked at the casting call all you saw were questions you didn’t even know how to begin to answer and even as all the lies rushed in competing for your attention you thought, they can’t possibly mean me, who am I, what am I, what do I even have to offer?

    Let the people that believed in you back when we felt the very… same… way tell you what you have to offer:

    Yourself. You have yourself to offer. You are everything! You have yourself and a Dream. That’s enough!

    Because you’ve been through the fire.

    Because even though you were wounded you are healing, but there’s nothing that would keep you from this fight.

    Because you’ve paid the cost and are not afraid to pay it again. And again. And again.

    And though you don’t even begin to know how you will make it happen you just know there’s this unique Dream, this passion, this “thing,” this fire that just won’t stop burning and they can knock you down as many times as they want because you will claw your way back to your knees, every… single… time.

    That’s because you were born for this, even if you don’t even know in full what your “this” is.

    Because we believe in you. You are enough. You are all you need. So step out into the unknown. Submit to your Dream and tell us your story at dreamersrevival.tv 〽️💙🔥

    As you rise, so will this city rise with you.

    Because you are the Doers of the Never-Been-Done. 〽️💙🔥

    Ashley & Daryl
    Ashley & Daryl

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